EASL strives for mutually beneficial collaboration with Asia’s best leagues to provide a hub and act as an incubator for the region’s talent pool. During the past years of operating premier tournaments, EASL has established strong networks of players, influencers and media partners to co-promote and share international stories. EASL has coordinated on major publications, top rated TV shows and podcasts.

Bringing the Japanese B.LEAGUE to international fans

For the first time ever B.LEAGUE (the top professional league in Japan) games were livestreamed on partner accounts, and it was via EASL’s official accounts in China and Facebook. EASL coordinated with major digital media partners for promotions across their platforms’ front-page banners and KOL accounts to reach millions.

Coordinating on market campaigns with top players and media

During a campaign in 2021 in the Philippines, EASL coordinated with more than 20 Filipino influencers with cumulative followings over 3 million.

The campaign dedicated to EASL reached more than 1.5 million in a matter of two weeks generating more than 60,000 engagements.

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