A show featuring top pro players from across the region discussing their basketball careers, personal stories and competing in fun and entertaining challenges.

The series stays true to EASL key values, bringing together the best of the best and introducing stars from the core regions EASL covers to the EASL fan base. Episodes are featured in Chinese, English and Japanese, on Chinese and global platforms.

Episode 1: Thirdy Ravena, Kai Toews and Tomoyan

Episode 2: Dez Wells and Shen Zijie

Episode 3: Doug Creighton and Yudai Baba

Episode 4: Simon Enciso and Lee Gwanhee

Episode 5: Troy Rosario and Ray Chen

Episode 6: Pooh Jeter and Kamiran

Episode 7: Isaac Go and Wu Guanxi

Episode 8: Andrew Nicholson and Narito Namizato

Episode 9: Russ Smith and Ryo Tawatari

Episode 10: Sonny Weems and Jimmy Alapag

Episode 11: Dilana Dilixiati and Yuko Oga

Episode 12: Lester Propser and Von Pessumal

Episode 13: Danieldan Nanna and Jared Dillinger

Episode 14: Gabe Norwood and Lee Daesung

Episode 15: He Xining and Jack Cooley

Episode 16: Dez Wells & Gao Shiyan part 1

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